Mechanical - piping

Camros provides a range of services to clients in the mechanics and piping industry

Take your project to the next level


  • Design of piping layout based on industry requirements and project’s governing codes such as ASME B31.3 and NORSOK L-001 /L-002 / L-CR-002 / L-CR-003.
  • Design of optimum Piping Routes to achieve process requirements, ergonomics, operation, inspection and maintenance focusing on safety as the primary consideration.
  • Modelling of all physical features of a plant including piping, equipment, structures, civil, trenches, cable trays, platforms and buildings … using AVEVA E3D / PDMS
  • Stress Analysis of piping systems to check flexibility, nozzle loads, flange leakage and code compliance based on governing project requirements (e.g ASME B31.3 and NORSOK L-002) using CAESAR II.
  • Supporting piping systems based on project standard and special support following project’s requirements (e.g NORSOK L-002).
  • Attendance in Model Review meetings
  • Furnishing MTO (Piping Material Take off), ISOMETRICs and Piping Plans
Furthermore, we can use modeling via E3D in refurbishment or revamping projects in various industries related to piping systems, specially, wherever a part of plant needs to be revamped / refurbishment. In these cases, As-Built will be modeled in E3D to be used for further actions based on client requests such as furnishing MTO, ISOMETRICs, Piping Plans, and so on.

By establishing and maintaining a professional working relationship with other engineering disciplines we will furnish:
  • Clash-free 3D model
  • Piping material take off with high accuracy
  • ISOMETRICs ready for fabrication
  • Piping plan in AUTOCAD